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Why Goats?
​* Environmentally Safe: Capable of clearing areas containing endangered or sensitive vegetation and animal life without the use of harsh herbicides that can seep into water and soil. A natural method that produces a balanced environment over the long term.

Versatility: Agile and light on their feet, goats are effective in almost any terrain. Capable of clearing areas too rocky or steep for human and machine, goats provide mammal disruption of top soil thus eliminating erosion caused by conventional methods that strip the land.

*  Quiet and Timely: Less intrusive than mechanical clearing tools. Which would you rather hear? The loud noise of heavy equipment, or the quiet grazing of goats? Goats  graze all day, going through very dense material. Thirty goats can clear about a quarter acre per day. 

Goats do a good job: Goats love broad-leafed material, which means they consume brush and invading field vegetation. Goats do not prefer grass, so your green grass is left to flourish. Goats fertilize as they graze, then trample the fertilizer, so that the wanted grasses and other vegetation left behind receive a natural boost turning slopes heavy with dry brush into a masterpiece.

* Fire Prevention: Goats are one of the most effective fire prevention tools available. Goats can climb, allowing them to reach vegetation that grows in hard to reach places. Goats Eating dry vines and stems which allows areas to recover naturally and be more resist to wildfires. 

Entertainment for the community: People love to see goats at work. People in the community often stop to talk about our commitment to low-carbon, non-toxic alternative to property restoration. They often returning with family and friends to enjoy the experience. 

*  Goats Are Cost Effective: Goats are the most cost effective brush and weed ratification available. Using goats for vegetation management cost about the same as mowing.  

How Sh-Nanny-Gans Works
At Sh-Nanny-Gans, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs with the smallest negative impact on the environment as possible. Goats are not right for everyone. We offer a free visit to walk your property and evaluate your needs. Then we will provide an estimate of services requested. Once an agreement has been made, we will then set up portable electric fencing to ensure that our goats are contained and predators are kept out. Goats will then be delivered. We work closely with our goats to ensure that they have access to the taller brush by cutting it back leaving canes & stems behind.
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